The second Annual Consortium Meeting of TackSHS Project took place in Palma on 5th-6th of October 2017. At the end of the second year of a 4-year project, TackSHS researchers from eleven European institutions came together to discuss the overall project progress as well as to present some preliminary results of a few studies.

Particularly, Dr Anna Tzortzi presented preliminary results of the experiment conducted in HCS that aimes to assess the clinical impact of passive exposure to e-cigarette aerosols on the respiratory system in terms of impulse oscillometry results, measurements of exhaled nitrogen oxide and exhaled breath condensate. To learn more about study protocol please visit this site.

Dr Giulia Carreras presented advances of the study coordinated by ISPO Team that aimes to assess mortality and morbidity attributable to secondhand smoke (SHS) in Europe. The estimates of attributable mortality among adults and children for 2006 based on Eurobarometer and Eurostat data for 28 European countries were presented and discussed by the Partners. Also, ISPO team has calculated mortality attributable to some SHS related diseases for 2015 Italian data to compare the same results with Global Burden of Disease (GBD) estimates; further collaboration with GBD was also discussed. More about the study: link.

Daniel Celdrán, a PhD student at UPCT and TackSHS researcher, presented results on cost of illness due to passive smoking in children calculated for Spain; in addition, the comparison to UK costs was presented and discussed. In continuation to the WP10 study presentation, Dr Marta Trapero-Bertran explained to the Consortium the model that will be used to estimate economic impact of SHS on morbidity and mortality and return on investment of interventions aimed to decrease the exposure to SHS.

Dr Maria José López from ASPB presented the first results of the study aimed to measure levels of SHS exposure in private and outdoors settings in 12 European countries. The fieldwork in outdoor settings of six countries was already completed and the preliminary results on the measurements of nicotine concentrations in children playgrounds, entrances of school buildings and terraces of bars and restaurants were presented. Learn more about the study.

Dr Silvano Gallus (IRFMN), principal investigator of TackSHS cross-sectional survey on SHS to be conducted in 12 European countries, shared with the Consortium the preliminary results of the study that was already completed in Italy and Romania. In particular, prevalence of smoking and e-cigarette use, consequences of e-cigarette use, daily exposure to SHS in various indoor (private and public) and outdoor settings as well as beliefs and attitudes to tobacco sales regulations were presented and discussed with the Team. If you want to read more about the study, please check this page.

Dr Ario Ruprecht and Dr Alessandro Borgini presented advances of the WP7 and explained the results of calibrations already performed before the meeting. Particularly, 17 Dyloses (optical air quality monitors) and one SidePak have been tested and calibrated. In addition, the Team performed tests to evaluate low-cost air quality analysers, such as Airvisual, AirBeam, Foobot, and AMS. In addition, Dr Alessandro Borgini who coordinates WP2 study in Italy explained to the Partners about progress of the study conduction and nicotine measurement performance in outdoor areas of Milan.

The coordinators of other TackSHS studies explained the details of the fieldwork preparation progress or reported about the advances of the fieldwork being currently contacted.