Quality Assurance Committee

Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is responsible for the development of a plan to guarantee high quality output from TackSHS project by assuring that appropriate standard operating procedures are in place. A Quality Assurance Committee will be established to monitor all steps of the project. The members of the Quality Assurance Committee are: the Coordinator, , Dr. Maria Jose López (WP2 Leader)), Dr. Alessandra Lugo (Co-Investigator of WP3) and Armando Peruga, a member of the Advisory Board, as an independent control person. The plan will be reviewed yearly by the Project Board in order to make the adjustments needed for the project development. The main tasks of the QAC include:

  • The definition of all processes and instruments to be used for the regular quality monitoring and risk assessment of the project in the form of a Quality Assurance Plan for project partners. The Plan details the quality criteria for each deliverable, describe the deliverable development approach and set out the quality indicators,
  • The development of a Critical Path Analysis (CPA) of the main project activities, identifying quality points, and procedures,
  • The establishment of the control methods to be applied in order to ensure the high quality outcome of the project as well the responsibilities of project partners