Do e-cigarettes really help to quit smoking?

HORIZON, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, has recently published an interesting list of Top 10 science facts we liked in 2016. A broad landscape of science areas was reflected in the list ranging from meditation to chemotherapy and from color sensitivity to bacteria on Mars. Interestingly, also the e-cigarette vaping habit was included into the ranking, seriously questioning the belief that e-cigarettes are an efficient mean for quitting smoking conventional cigarettes. This belief is very widespread in mass media and is used by the e-cigarette industry to promote popularity of their product and increase e-cigarette sales(1). However, scientific research has proven that 67% of e-cigarette users start vaping to stop or reduce smoking, and 45% of users did not reduce smoking at all. This leaves room to ask whether e-cigarettes really are proper tools for tobacco cessation? 

Read more about the 10 top science facts of 2016 in HORIZON Magazine. 

Image credit: Martina Paraninfi | Flickr | Getty Image