TackSHS Project results at the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology

IMG-20190927-WA0017On September 3-6 2019 the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology took place in Oviedo, Spain.

A number of TackSHS researchers participated in the conference and some TackSHS results were presented in oral presentations. In particularly:

Elisabet Henderson from the Public Health Agency of Barcelona presented results of the WP2 about exposure to SHS in the terraces of the hospitality venues and children playgrounds in 11 European countries


Olena Tigova from the Catalan Institute of Oncology presented the results of the TackSHS WP3 study in the oral presentation “Smoking and attitudes about smoking ban in private cars in 12 European countries: the TackSHS Project survey”.


We are also glad to celebrate that the last communication was selected for SEE-CIBERESP award as one of the 10 best communications presented by young investigators.