TackSHS Session at ENSP Conference 2017

On May 25th the TackSHS project session was held at the ENSP Conference 2017 that took place in Athens on May 24-26th. The session was chaired by Dr Esteve Fernández, project coordinator and Head of Tobacco Control Unit at ICO. TackSHS researchers came together to share the preliminary results of the studies, such as the TackSHS survey already conducted in Italy and literature reviews on exposure to second-hand aerosols produced by e-cigarettes and mortality/morbidity attributed to second-hand tobacco smoke (SHS). In addition, the details of other TackSHS studies that are now starting the fieldwork were presented. The session stimulated an interesting discussion with the audience about the ethical aspects of the research on SHS that involve human participants, appropriate methods of SHS measurements indoors and outdoors, as well as the analysis of e-cigarette aerosols composition.

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